Almost A Cult

A long list of short stories of casual brainwashing, near incest and inadvertent polygamy
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Part 1: The Family

Part 2: The Cult

Big Coller "Family"
Therapist Joe
Acceptable Cults
Extreme Cults
Our Cult
No Outside Influence
           *The Leader’s Leaders
           *The Consultation
           *The Wank and File
           *Preponderance of Eminence
Big Coller "Family"
Lack of Growth
           *A Proud Plateau
           *Two Minutes Hate
           *Summa Cum Nil
           *Best Book Ever
Ultimate Holders Of Truth
           *Crap On Your Principals
           *Circumstantial Evidence
           *The Car Wash
           *Just Do Your Job
Big Coller "Family"

           *Ministry Of Health
           *Let Them Eat Cake
           *Story Time
           *Drama Kings
           *Most Important Performance Ever
           *Legends In Our Own Eyes
           *Building The Pyramids
           *Jack Of No Trades, Master of All
Operating Outside of Expertise
           *Marriage Prep
           *By Their Own Standard
Black and White Thinking
           *God Ma’s Dogmas
           *Cookie Cutter Kids

Big Coller "Family"

           *That’s What He Said
           *Home Schooling Indecision
           *Accreditation Cancellation
           *False Advertising
           *Ideological Revolving Door
           *Bad Teachers
           *Learning To Grade
           *Fudgy Facts
           *Unavoidable Setbacks
Mind Reading
           *Damned If You Speak, Damned If You Listen

Big Coller "Family"

           *Character Clues
           *Unmerited Fervor
Disdain for the Lower Class
           *What About Slob?
           *Too Dumb to Question
Lack of Recognition
           *Totally Different
           *Toilet Paper Time
           *Forget Paris
           *Like Ri, If I Could Be Like Ri

Lack of Delegation
           *Women & Children First
           *A Matter of Principals
           *Prince Edward Longshanks
Lack of Autonomy (Professional Micromanagement)
           *If You Want Something Done Right
           *Corporate Punishment
           *Grade Quicker
           *Grade Quickerer
           *Eternal Interns
           *Overgrown Leaders
           *The One Exception
Personal Micromanagement
           *Tinker Troys
           *Your Kid Is Ugly
           *Contraceptive By Will
           *Mommy’s Makeover
           *Papa, Papa, and Papa Too
           *Scheduled & Sketchy
           *Treat Me Normal

Big Coller "Family"
Invisible Sets of Rules
           *Valentine’s Daze
           *See Nothing, Say Something
           *A Cute Couple
           *Kiss It Goodbye
           *Premarital Advice
           *Divorced from Reality
           *White Weddings
           *Promise Keepers
Big Coller "Family"
Culture of Fear
           *Texts of Terror
           *Unbrief Debriefing
           *Those Eyes
Public Repentance
           *Awaiting The Prodigal
           *Chapel Confessionals
           *Un-arranged Marriage
Information Siloing
           *The Mentors’ Mentors
           *Restricting Expecting
           *Super Secret Santa
Ethics Folders
Sharing Personal Secrets
           *The Holy Spy-rit
           *A Friend In Deed
           *Too Healthy For Family
           *We Can’t Be Friends
           *Self-fulfilling Prophecies
           *Attaching Strings
           *Confidant to Kids

Total Enmeshment
           *Publicly Prostrated
           *Jesus Christ’s Super Scar
           *White Elephants
           *My Heart, Your Home
Financial Abuse
           *Pastoral Pork Barrels
           *Fiscal Enmeshment
           *Entered Into Evidence
           *Fiscal Manipulation
           *Buyer Be We’re
           *The Asch Assemblies

Part 3: The Rebel

Part 3A: Child Jamin (Iowa, ages 0-9)
Kids of the 80’s
Christian Kids of the 80’s
           *Rebel Mom
           *Zombie Mom
           *Disrupting Reality
           *Curse Words
           *Mysogyny & Masculinity

           *Missing Ingredients
           *Implausible Deniability
           *Crucifixion (the reason)
           *Ministry (the means)
           *Bible (the justification)
           *Rapture (the threat)
           *Heaven (the reward)
Sexual Development
           *Don’t Ask, Don’t Spell

           *Not Seen & Not Heard
           *Kill Yourself Already
           *Don’t Cry, For Christ Sake
           *Family Feuds
           *The Walk Out
           *Begging For Family
           *Jeremiah 23:16
           *Really Don’t Cry, For Christ Sake
           *The Beginning of the End

Part 3C: Adult Jamin
– Secrets (1999-2003)
           *Sex, Lies, and Vision Escape
           *Breakup Or Breakdown
           *Wonderful Counselor
           *Married Twice


– Blind Faith (2004-2007)
           *Equilibrium Narratives
           *My Old Man & My Young Earth
           *Premise The Menace
           *Continued Counselling
           *Sects’ Addiction


– Reality (2008-2015)
           *Peak Org
           *Relational Hospice

– Winning Wendy (2016-2017)
           *Poking The Bear
           *High Chair Legionnaire
           *Crazy Blessed Adventures (part 1)
           *Crazy Stressed Adventures (part 2)
           *Crazy Pressed Adventures (part 3)
           *Crazy Incest Adventures (part 4)

Part 4: The Exit

May 31, 2017 – January 28, 2020

Part 5: The Intrusion

January 29, 2020 – May 2020

– Betty
– The Setup
– Different in Hindsight (January 20)
– D-day (January 29)
– Giggity
– The Blossoming of a Beautiful Disaster
– A Royal Awakening (March 5)
– Locking It In (March 9)
– Ides of March
– Burning Our House To The Ground
– The Trinity Intervenes
– The Storm Before The Storm
– Hypotheses
– Advice to Jamin


Part 6: The Shipwreck

May 2020 – August 2020

– Writing The Headlines
– Iceberg Ahead (Friday, May 1)
– First Impact (Monday, May 4)
– Sinking (Tuesday May 5)
– Last Words (Wednesday May 6)
– Gunplay (Thursday, May 7)
– Watching the Dominoes (Friday, May 8)
– Another Letter (Wednesday, June 10)
– A Month of Darkness

– My Plot (Friday, July 3)
– The Rejection Parade (Friday, July 10)
– Trapped
– Logan, Utah (Wednesday, July 15)
– Living in Grayscale (Friday, July 17)
– The Court Report (Tuesday, August 11)
– Please. Please. Leave.
– Stitching Up The Marriage (Friday, August 21)
– The Last Goodbye (Friday, August 28)
– The Last Last Goodbye (Sunday, September 20)
– Hypotheses
– Advice to Jamin

Part 6B: Wendy’s Version


Part 7: The Recovery

Part 7a: Finding Jamin
– Flailing
– Collers
– Tests
– Memory
– Feelings
– Wishes
– Reality
– Timeline
– Family Tree
– Constructing My Story

Part 7b: Reconstruction
– Disconnecting
– The Reynolds Pamphlet
– Growing and Moving Forward
– Ten Years

Part 7c: Grieving
– Sorry Not Sorry
– Owning Crap
– Responsibility
– Gratitude
– Hearing God
– New Goals
– Morning Lists
– Hypotheses
– Advice To Jamin

Part 8: Goodbye Letters

Part 8A: Honorable Mentions
– To the Smiths, Leses, & Hevvis
– To the Smiths
– To the Leses
– To the Hevvis
– To the Cobblers
– To Wholehearted and Courageous
– To the Drivers
– To Jax
– To Kacher
– To Bob Ballion
– To free-thinkers and think-free-ers

Part 8B: Goodbye Letter To My Drug of Choice

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