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I’d love to welcome you to my journey.  I hope you can understand that, for now, I need real names and proof that my readers are neither my family’s legal counsel, nor my kids.  You’re about to learn a whole lot about me, so I hope you can afford to trade this little bit of disclosure. Your username can be as anonymous as you want, as that is what will be displayed if/when you comment on posts.

Also – the following content is deeply transparent, which means NSFW.  If you have only known the family-friendly “Christian Collers” or “Educator Jamin”, and you’re expecting Bible stories or music theory witticisms, this would be a jarring transgression of your expectations.  The easily-offended and willfully-naïve should not continue.  “Christian Educator Jamin” is still the persona you can expect to encounter in public, though he might seem to be a little more compassionate these days.

May you be well.

Authentic Transparent Jamin